Linux Scripts

The following are a sample of Linux BASH scripts that have been written by WRD and used in production environments.

1 initial_setup Initial setup of directories and permissions for the scripts.
2 bovpn2mon Loads a list of BOVPN endpoints and monitors on a defined scheduled.
3 dir2html Create an HTML index of files in a directory.
4 dns.stats Dump DNS (BIND) statistics and send results in email.
5 dns.test Load test DNS (BIND) and send results in email.
6 ip2mon Ping a list of IP addresses and send an email if a server does not respond.
7 ipr Run various utilities and checks on an IP address or domain name.  Calls: nslookup, dig, traceroute, whois, nmap
8 ipscan Obtain information about an IP address.
9 mail.file Mail the file specified on the command line.
10 mail2file Mail the contents of each file in a directory.
11 raid.status Monitor status of HP RAID arrays and health of disk drives.
12 sys.backup Backup critical system files using tar and copy the file to a Windows share.
13 sys.backup.php Backup PHP scripts.
14 sys.backup.scripts Backup shell scripts.
15 sys.cron Scan and email log files and various critical information.
16 Gather critical system information about hardware and software and email the results.
17 sys.sec Gather security and user login specific information.
18 www2mon Attempt a login into a web server and analyze the results.  If certain keywords are detected, send an email alert.