Updates and New Name

Good evening from the land of 10,000 lakes and many forests.  Some business updates and other news.

We are going to be renaming the business BIoconX Resources, LLC to BCX Resources, LLC.  We will retain the same focus and mission, but with a broader scope of products and resources.

The first step in that direction is the purchase of our first drone.  More details to follow as begin learning and taking test flights in the coming weeks.

Technology – Windows 10 Build 9926

Finally jumping into the fray and trying out Windows 10. I have build 9926 running as a VM in VMware Workstation 11.1. Installed with the following specifications for testing. This build does not have Spartan installed but that will be my next task.

Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview (Build 9926)

  1. Firmware Type: BIOS
  2. Processors
    1. Number: 1
    2. Cores: 2
  3. Memory: 8192
  4. Network Type: Use bridged networking
  5. I/O Controller Type: LSI Logic SAS
  6. Disk Type: SCSI
  7. Disk: Create a new virtual disk
  8. Disk Capacity
    1. 60 GB
    2. Split virtual disk into multiple files
  9. Disk file: Windows 10 x64.vmdk

Technology – Beginner Web Development

I am an old-school programmer whose job does not require development anymore. Still, I have a few websites, and am interested in new technologies and methodologies. With a database background and most days filled with ad-hoc query requests, reports, and integration between multiple systems, building a front-end users would save me and them a lot of time.

With a preference toward Microsoft technologies I have settled on the following development environment and have started with these resources.


  1. Windows 7 Pro
  2. Visual Studio 2013 Premium
  3. Microsoft WebMatrix 3
  4. Local SQL databases for initial learning and development
  5. Windows Azure and SQL 2014 for testing and deployment


  1. Microsoft SQL Server 2014: Query Tuning and Optimization
  2. Microsoft Azure SQL Database: Step by Step
  3. Introduction Microsoft SQL Server 2014: Technical Overview

This website has provided a great overview of C#, CSS, HTML5, Razor and connecting to databases.

Web Development Using WebMatrix

Windows Azure and SQL

While studying ITIL foundations, I have been thinking of an application to manage resources, specifically servers, and a service portfolio.  Any good application and design will need a database and I thought a Windows Azure and SQL 2014 account at Microsoft would be a great way to start.  I have not worked with either and there are some tools and requirements to get started.  So I now have Visual Studio 2013 Premium and SQL 2014 Express running locally and connected to my database in the cloud.  Let the fun begin.

Technology – Encrypted Email

Proton Mail utilizes a normal username/password authentication along with encryption that can only unencrypted with a passphrase that the user assigns.  This gives two layers of security and prevents an outside organization from forcing the provider to gain access as they do not store the passphrase – the data is encrypted before it reaches their servers.

The raised over $500,000 recently on Indiegogo and they accept Bitcoins!

More : https://protonmail.ch/index.php